Road Crashes

1 year - in the US.


Emergency Department Attendances
Pedestrians Dead
Cyclists Dead


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Critical Reality Lessons For Drivers.

Drive to a standard and lower the risks.
smashless.com - an online course that takes about 70 minutes

Astronomical Expense

In the six years it took to build the Channel Tunnel to link the UK to France, Americans lost 1.66 Trillion Dollars in road smashes. Read more...

Training Works

We all form decisions based on habit, what we think has priority, what we know, and what we can remember. Read more….

Under 25

The under 25 age group is still holds the highest representation in road trauma.

No age is a good age for disability, but being disabled at a younger age is probably something worth stepping around if at all possible. Which it is.

Now is the time to practice good driving practice.

Then, if you are fortunate enough to make it to retirement, good driving practice will be automatic at a time when your cognitive function, eyesight and reactions are simultaneously going into decline.

This is an alternative to having an automatic poor driving practice, in addition to the cognitive function, eyesight and reactions simultaneously going into decline.

Extreme Injury Rates Rising

High Threat To Life Injuries are increasing. With the biggest increase in the 45 to 65 age group. Read more...

About the course

Acquiring a drivers license is about road rules. This course is about driving.

The course is about the minimum understanding everyone should bear in mind before they ever attempt to drive anything anywhere.

The course aims to provide a foundation driving reference.

The range of potential topics is large. There has been careful selection on providing the 10% of information and technique that makes the 95% difference.

The content is short and to the point. This is not about persuasion. There has been a lot of checking and editing to ensure we are not using 10 words when the point can be made with 5. The underlying assumption is your time is valuable.

This is about providing reality, priority, point clarity and guidelines for you to aquire and practice effective and consistant lower risk, better driving.

Learner/ New Drivers

For Learner Driver Supervisors

Professional Drivers

Everybody Else

These statistics - the injuries, deaths, economy crippling expense, are a result of our choices.

This course is aimed at giving you the information you need to make better choices.

There is no way you can know when a lifetime of regret has set up camp right on your doorstep. You can equip yourself to change the odds.

Is this a good deal? Ask a gambler.

Currently, there is no charge for the course.

For information on the sequence of events when you click on the "Start the Course" button, information we ask for, security, system requirements ..... Click Here

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