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Kenetic Energy

The Kinetic Energy that results from the mass (weight) and velocity (speed) of our vehicle is both invisible and substantially more powerful than the control that we can exert over it.

Once we exceed about 13mph (20kph), Kinetic Energy takes over.

We get to have a ‘rapidly diminishing with speed’ influence only.  Stopping or changing direction takes time and distance.

Kinetic Energy must be dissipated over time and distance.


Mammalian Diving Reflex

Human evolution gives us things like a mammalian diving reflex.

If we put our face in cold water our heart rate slows down 10 to 25%, capillaries start closing off, followed by a blood shift to the thoracic organs (heart and lungs).

These changes are to allow us to remain swimming around underwater for longer periods than would otherwise be possible.

We do not get any helpful changes when we get into the driver’s seat.

  • Better eyesight would be good, but we don’t get it.
  • Automatic mental focus would be good.  Don’t get that either.
  • Automatic distraction dismissal would be very helpful.
  • Ultra sensitive "sixth" sense, something to alert us to impending danger.
  • Distance radar, like a bat. That would save a lot of rear ending.

But, we get none of those.

We get nothing that is equivalent to the mammalian diving reflex.

As a species that has inherited mammalian traits, we are more naturally suited to swimming around underwater than we are to operating a motor vehicle.


Where is our focus?

And the chances are, when we drive we do not have our attention where it is most required.