General Info

Start the Course

The learning management system (LMS) being used requires a user account.

Clicking this (start the course) button sends you to a form that asks for:

In addition to the LMS requirement, these details will be used to identify you as a low risk driver - should you successfully complete the course.

Apart from logging in, the user name is also used to identify you on the course forums.

You will not have access to anyone's real name, or their email, and no other student will have access to yours - unless you give it to them.

Your email and your user name need to be unique. The ones you try will be checked to ensure no one else is already using them.

Course Enrolment

You will be automatically enrolled into a course.

Access by logging in at the top of the smashless homepage. You will be transferred to the smashless course site.

Course Time Frame

Important! Your course enrolment lasts for 2 weeks only. After this, you will not have access to the course. You must complete the course within 2 weeks.

If for some reason this can not work for you, please contact us and we will make other arrangements.

System Requirements

The course is delivered via your web browser.  It has been tested with Firefox, Chrome and IE.

The course contains text, drawings and video content.

The minimum size device needed is a 7" tablet.  A phone is too small.


We will never request information via email.

All interactions are done via your smashless.com account.

All reasonable steps are taken to keep this site and your information secure.


Please contact us, and allow us time to look into the problem. We will respond in a reasonable time period.

This site, and all the work that has gone into making it available, is here for the purpose of helping to reduce the risk public road users are exposed to.